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Rotary Youth Exchange District 9600
Australia, Papua New Guinea, Nauru and the Solomon Islands
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Club Forms and Documents

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How to complete the SEO 5 form:
Student Exchange Organisation Details
Name of Organisation: Rotary Youth Exchange District 9600
Contact Person: "District Chair Name" - District Chair
Phone Number: District Chair phone

AASES Form No: Leave blank
Family Name: "Student family Name"    Given Name: "Student Given name"
Change of School
The school needs to return the original to the District Chair
Change of Host Family
Please submit 1 week before change of host family
Parent/Gaurdian Signature
Please leave blank (to be signed by District Chair)

The District Chair is the Legal Gaurdian for the inbound Students while they are on the study exchange program in Australia

Please do not submit this form to the Department of Education
email to District YEP Chair

This is a policy document for individual clubs listing the procedures RI requires them to follow to receive certification.

A guide to assist clubs to select suitable host families
A similar document to CL 2 but designed to assist clubs in selecting a student counsellor or other volunteer who will have appreciable involvement with the student.
A form designed to obtain information required by RI, in respect of people having direct contact with Youth Exchange students.
Clubs will submit this document to their District Youth Exchange Committee to obtain certification to host an inbound student.
Similar to CL 5 but will be used by a Club to receive certification to sponsor an outbound student.  CL 5 and CL 6 are of necessity two separate documents because the timing relating to organising an outbound student varies appreciably from that of preparing for an inbound student.

A checklist for Clubs to confirm they have carried out all important duties.  This form is passed to the District Committee so they also know a Club has fulfilled its obligations.
This all embracing policy sets out the things a District must do to receive certification including their certification of Clubs in the District.
A list of tips for students to assist them to keep themselves safe.
This is the RI document that spells out precisely what must be done in the case of a reported instance of sexual abuse and harassment.

Sets out the procedures to be used by the District Governor in assessing potential new members for the District Youth Exchange Committee, or by the District Committee.
A check list to enable District Youth Exchange Committees to verify that many of the important tasks relating to inbound students have been carried out.  The checklists are forwarded to the District Governor so he/she knows all is in order with Youth Exchange.
Source: Rotary Youth Protection Guide (775) Download
Rotary Youth Exchange provides an opportunity of a lifetime for young Australians currently studying Year 9 to 12 to study abroad for the following year.
They’ll spend up to 12 months living and studying in a foreign country, learning a lot about themselves and the culture of their adopted host families.
It’s an amazing, life-changing experience you can give your kids that they will never regret.
Rotary Youth Exchange District 9600 is a Student Exchange Organisation registered in Queensland by the Department of Education & Training (DET) International Quality Unit, Mary St, (LMB 827), Brisbane QLD 4001 - Ph: 07 3513 6748
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